What we offer

1. Official Events Sign Up & Agency Exclusive Events
Sign you up for TikTok official events including LIVE Lineup, Spotlight, etc. Help your account grow with our agency exclusive events, including International PK Battles and Diamond Sprint Events.
2. Fast Support for Bans and Violations
Assistance with bans and violations made from wrongdoing, etc.
3. Exclusive Campaign Access and Event Promoting and Recap Videos
Arrange international PK opponents based on your streaming performances to expand your community influences on TikTok.
4. Skills Training
– Calls with the agency talent manager to learn how to become a better content creator and live creator.
– Work on creating a game plan, and follow-up meetings.
5. Referral Program
We have opened up a referral program to all SHINING agency live creators. When you successfully introduce a new creator, and they reach our agency requirement, you will get a referral commission.
6. Agency Customer Service
All the live creators of SHINING agency are provided customer services. Fast support when dealing with issues and problems on the platform.
7. Live Monitoring and Profile Optimization
View your lives on our dashboard for feedback and advice. Watch playbacks as well. Profile reviews and suggestions to help better your account performance and retention rate (at your request).
8. Agency Service Fee
Our services are 100% free, with no cuts or percentages taken from your earnings. These benefits emphasize a collaborative and supportive environment, offering a myriad of opportunities for content creators to enhance their performance and earnings through SHINING agency.

Frequently Asked Questions

We currently only collaborate with residents of the United States, Canada and Latin America which includes 18 Spanish-speaking countries such as Mexico and Colombia.
No. We do not take a commission from your payouts. TikTok pays us directly through our contract for signing you on!
SHINING agency is more than just an agency. We help you develop into the content creator that you want to become. We’ll foster brand deals for you and assist with TikTok Shop collaboration.
No. You do not have to sign a contract. There’s no obligation required.
Yes! We do. We work directly with TikTok and often get invited to their Head Quarters.
TikTok LIVE will pay you directly and you can withdraw from your TikTok account to a PayPal account.
We follow TikTok’s Community Guidelines and so would you. We want to keep a healthy environment for our community and their follower base.
Accessibility is a big thing for us. We want you to have access to anyone at the agency and ask any question that you’d like.