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How It Works

  1. Fill out the application form and be sure to enter your invitation code. Your TikTok account need to have one short video at least showing your face.
  2. TikTok usually takes 3 business days to approve your profile, you have to approve us as your agency on the TikTok app.
  3. We will contact you via email or WhatsApp for the onboarding process. You can get your invitation code directly through this TikTok official invitation link: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZM2kPwCC9/
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What Is A TikTok LIVE Agency You Ask?

As a member of the LIVE Agency, you’ll have access to a range of services designed to help you succeed on the platform. These services include live skills training, content support, brand opportunities, and more! If you are eager to elevate your content, we are here to support you. Let’s join forces and work towards success on TikTok.